Love is a Compass – Griff


This captivating song beautifully captures the essence of Christmas, with its heartfelt lyrics and uplifting message.
‘Love is a Compass’ reminds us to embrace the spirit of love, compassion, and togetherness that makes Christmas truly magical.

Music is not included and is available for purchase on Amazon

Purchase allows sequence data to be used in a single residential location only, non commercial.

Sequence Notes:
Minimum xLights version required: 2023.06
Allow Blending Mode: ON
Sequence includes the xsq file(with lyrics) and all related shader files needed.
The explosion effects that happen from the 1:07 – If using 3D, it will be useful to create a TopFront camera viewpoint and have the effects use that viewpoint. It is like this in the sequence layout, however even if you have one called TopFront, when mapping, xlights doesn’t currently handle the assignment correctly.

NOTE:  The official video is not provided. Licensing to use the video is the sole responsiblity of the customer! The source of the video is

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