That Christmas Morning Feelin’ (Curtain Call) – Spirited (Including Moving Heads)


Music is not included and is available for purchase on Amazon

Minimum xLights version required: 2023.09

Purchase allows sequence data to be used in a single residential location only, not commercial.

Sequence Notes:
Allow Blending Mode: ON
Sequence includes the xsq file(with lyrics) and all related images and shader files needed.

The Effect on the All – No Matrix at 0:58 seconds,  The render style on this is Per Preview and the preview I used is called FrontTop.  If your xlights display is in 3D, I suggest you create a viewpoint from the FrontTop (like a drone view) and save that, and set that on this effect.

The font used in the Sequence is called “Mountains of Christmas” and the font is included in the zip file.  Alternatively you can download the font here:

The movings heads: our model is based off the 3550w Outdoor moving heads from

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