Jingle Bells – Colton Dixon


Music is not included and is available for purchase on Amazon

Purchase allows sequence data to be used in a single residential location only, not commercial.

Sequence Notes:

  • Allow Blending Mode: OFF
  • Sequence includes the xsq file(with lyrics), video, images and shader files needed.
  • Some VU meter effects will require you to set the number of bars equal to the number of props you have in the group, for example:
    – In the Effect Settings for the VU Meter effect on the SNOWFLAKES group at 11 seconds, change 6 to the number of snowflakes in your display.

NOTE:  As courtesy to the customer I have included the video used from 2:09 – 2:15, but licensing is the sole responsibility of the customer! The source of the video is https://youtu.be/jyY2YJtP02g

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