You Make It Feel Like It’s Halloween – Muse


This is such a fun Halloween song and the video has many horror movie references.  This song will be played every single Halloween going forward.

Music is not included and is available for purchase on Amazon

Purchase allows sequence data to be used in a single residential location only, not commercial.

Sequence Notes:
Allow Blending Mode: ON
Sequence includes the xsq file(with lyrics) and all related images and shader files needed.

The font at the end of the sequence is included in the download in a Font folder.  You can find a full reference of all the great images this font has to over to customize the ending.

When the VU Meter effect is used to a timing track, often when the Type is set to’Timing Event Bar(s)’ – there is a Bars textbox, this is set to the number of items in the group it is applied to.

In this example the bars is set to 6 as I have 6 spiders in the group, you will need to change it to the number of props in your group.

NOTE:  The official music video is not provided. Licensing to use the video is the sole responsiblity of the customer! The source of the video is

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